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The game is currently in Open Beta/Early Access, which means it's still under development and is only roughly 60% finished.  

Memoirs of a Battle Brothel is an adult (NSFW), narrative-driven, tactical turn-based RPG inspired by traditional pen-and-paper roleplaying games!

Players assume the role of a Facilitator, a specialist tasked with providing mission support to the Courtesan's Guild. Part bodyguard, steward, and free-agent:  your actions will impact the prosperity of your own Guild Hall.

Combine the Companions from Firefly, the girls of old town from Sin City, a dash of Shadowrun and The Last Sovereign, and this is what you get.

In this seedy, cyberpunk inspired world, luxuries are often undercut with the threat of violence. Whether it’s pressure from one of the ruling crime syndicates, disgruntled nobles, or even a blood contract from a private military company, the Courtesan's Guild finds itself beset on all sides.

To maintain their position in the criminal underworld, the lovely ladies of the Guild are given full combat training in addition to their bedroom teachings. 

These vivacious vixens will join you in battle as you fight to protect the guild!

The game is currently in active development and receives regular updates. 

Here is a peek at some of the features currently in the game, as well as some features that are planned for our final release:

  • Create Your Own Character: Choose your background, goals, and more!
  • Optimize Your Skills & AbilitiesFour different classes , eight subclasses!
  • Manage A Brothel: Add or upgrade facilities, hire new staff!
  • Engage In High-Stakes Diplomacy: Factions react to your actions!
  • Romance Your Partners: Sexy encounters with your team members await!


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MobbPrimePublicVer0211.zip 1 GB

Development log


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Are you planning on making this available for Android users?

Not too sure about the technical stuff for porting. In any case, if porting happens, it will be when the game is complete. 

May I ask a question, what did you use to make that in Unity.
Did you wrote your own camera script to make it work?

It's not made in Unity, it's a RPGMaker MV project with a lot of custom code.

WOW. I didn't know. I'm impressed. Trying my hands on making games myself, but still got way of a way ahead of me ^.^

Good luck! There's a reddit sub for gamedevs you might find useful: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/

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is this hetero only?

Sorry for the late reply. No, there ARE Female-Female and Male-Male scenes, but most of the content is made for a hetero male player in mind. 

so what setup would i do if i want more Male-Male scenes?

Hatsuo is currently the only option for male-male scenes. I will also be adding new male-male scenes for him in an update coming for late June. 


I really liked this game since its first Kickstarter campaign. I haven't been keeping track for a while. When will it release, more or less?

Whoops, dropped the ball on replying to this, but it's now released on Early Access both here on Itch and Steam


I wanted female player to be raped by opponents, but it seems not. btw, fine game. cheer up!


Played the Demo, love the concept.
I'd be interested in wishlisting it in Steam, if I wouldn't be living in Germany....

Oh and I noticed that in the demo the subway entrance vanishes at some point....


Overall, I think this game is great! The animations, art, and music creates a great aesthetic which is complemented with dialogue that for the most part naturally world builds for the player. My biggest gripe is the combat. The character I created was able to talk their way out of every situation until the story didn't allow for it. So I had no combat experience whatsoever. And though you're given the opportunity to try it at the beginning of the game, I'm not sure I would have remembered all the mechanics contained. I didn't know what any of my party did or really how their abilities worked. It'll take another try or two to get past this section, but only because I need to learn the systems. I would recommend adding more lenient combat scenes and emphasising what role each of your team members held. Even if you were to add a 'training zone' that allowed the player to practice without consequence. Overall, great so far but that is something I believe should be looked at.

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Please for Android

I really have high hopes for this game but for some reason the 3d aspect of it isn't working well with my pc, the sprites just end up being a jumbled mess, no idea what's causing this... But overall I really am I liking this so far and would definitely buy it on steam once it's finished.

It's likely some WebGL issues, will be fixed by the next patch

I also  sometimes get some kind of error when you fight Zafra at the meet that says "TypeError Cannot read property 'x' of null"

Are you pressing shift? Shift is an empty command yet to be filled, so sometimes it crashes battles.

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I actually was, I realized it when I noticed that I forgot to remove my finger from my shift key during a battle phase, so yeah I guess that answers why it kept crashing during a battle. Thanks for the reply anyway.


Good concept very poor development. I get this is early so I am going to give basic advice here.

1.) Allow window mode, the game looks horrible when stretched to full screen. Also a huge amount of people prefer playing in windowed.

2.) Don't start with sound at full blast. It's a porn game, no idea why you would do that. Very least ask people their volume choice at the start.

3.) Most important! Skipping dialogue or making it faster is the same button as accepting a choice. So when ever I try to speed up the dialogue it chooses the first option instantly; before I even knew what it was.

most games use CTRL or numbers for dialogue options to prevent this. Proper mouse input would also solve this.

4.) The top choice is the worst choice. Combined with problem #3 this makes the game very unpleasant to play.

5.) Instead of asking the player 100 questions at the start to create a character, ask them only their background.

A fresh player has no idea what the other choices are or how they effect the game, instead ask them those choices at a relevant place in the game itself.


Hi, consequences of being an alpha I guess. I'll try to answer a few of your questions.

1.) Allow window mode, the game looks horrible when stretched to full screen. Also a huge amount of people prefer playing in windowed.

F4 will drop it into windowed mode.

2.) Don't start with sound at full blast. It's a porn game, no idea why you would do that. Very least ask people their volume choice at the start.

Default setting shouldn't be too loud, and are adjustable.

3.) Most important! Skipping dialogue or making it faster is the same button as accepting a choice. So when ever I try to speed up the dialogue it chooses the first option instantly; before I even knew what it was.

You can proceed through dialogue using your mouse.

tried to play but I get an error saying "MV3D requires WebGL"

Oh, that probably means your version of WebGl is out of date and you need a newer version. 

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The version of WebGL is provided by the Chrome that comes embedded within the game though...

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"chromium-args": "--gpu",

to package.json fixed it. Seems for some reason hardware acceleration wasn't enabled by default.


huh, that's weird. I'll look into adding it by default, thanks for letting me know!

in the demo when going to meet Shrike in the basement of Tonkas old body shop I got put in an endless loop of going back to the basement with Skal saying where she is and the close up of Shrike does not leave the screen... this is after the initial conversation and going back and asking them questions about Tell me more about the Old Watch and Tell me more about yourself

Thanks! This mission is still in development and wasn't meant to be accessed yet, I'll fix it soon!

Played the first build and it's been good times, even without... specific good times. Good luck with the Kickstarter campaign! :)

Tried the demo and the mc can't move at all.This happens right after I finish the conversation with Diana. The MC automatically moves a little to the left and stops. I can go through menus and use all other functions available. Tried swapping maped buttons, trying a new save, no dice. 

That's strange, does switching perspectives change things?

Aside from changing the perspective, nothing.

A new version dropped recently, maybe that will help.


Any chances of an Android release?


Right now I don't think Google Play Store allows adult games. Same with iPhones. If this changes or is incorrect, it's something I'll consider.

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they don't allow adult games but it would still be nice to play it on the go of your game tbh. Plus a lot of the adult games here on itch.io that has an Android port don't even post it on Google Play or any mobile stores. They just post or sell it here instead

I think what he is saying is for there to be an APK release not releasing it on Google Play store.


Some info in case someone wants to run this demo on linux. Normally you can run rpgmaker games fine on linux with nw.js, but this one fails because the casing of the filenames in the game doesn’t match the filesystem.

Get ciopfs from your distro or from here. Also get nw.js (normal, you don’t need the full sdk). Then open a shell:

cd where/you/want/the/game
mkdir data insensitive
ciopfs data insensitive
cd insensitive
unzip /path/to/MobbPrimePublic.zip
path/to/nwjs/nw .

and hopefully your game will start. You’ll need to rerun the ciopfs command after a reboot.


I gotta admit. I was really surprised that this prototype had 1 GB of data. I really like the style and its really polished for a free demo. I haven't got very far into it, but it is very promising, and I encourage others to try this out!


Please visit the discord or use the comments here if you want to report bugs, thanks!