New version 0.09 now available

Hi everybody, the next version of the game is now available!



New interactions with all 9 companions added. These new interactions trigger automatically upon reaching certain trust levels (Trust 3 and Trust 6) with characters and entering the first guild hall level.

Players who have progressed significantly through the game should expect these events to trigger the next time they enter the guild hall.

Interactions include dialogue or spending downtime with a companion.

Combat changes:

Combat has been optimized slightly with fixes to ranged enemy AI, replacing troublesome enemy skills and fixing various combat-related bugs. Additionally, two new enemy classes have been added. For now, they can only be found in combat arenas like Gregarion’s Blood Pit or the one you can build in the Guild House.


These hardened soldiers of fortune are tougher than most of the street thugs and low-level riffraff the player may have been in combat with so far.


Built specifically for combat, androids are vastly superior to most of the security drones utilized in MoonFall. Armed with rifles that excel both at long range and unleashing devastating shotgun blasts in close range, players are urged to treat these robots with caution.

Blood Pit levels:

3 additional arenas can now be unlocked for the Guild House Blood Pit.


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Nov 09, 2020

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